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OrgaNicks Food Truck: Healthy Food on Wheels

OrgaNicks Landing Page

The Client

Organicks food truck has been in business for the past three years. Their unique food is geared towards a healthy eating culture. Plans to introduce organic tastes from other cultures are underway and they recently added two trucks to serve more customers. In the past, OrgaNicks has been selling food by word of mouth but the business is expanding and wants to keep connecting with their current customers to continue building trust, attract new leads, and increase sales. A Website and Mobile App will help the business offer their services faster, reach a wider audience, and make more profit.

User Persona

Too busy to shop/cook healthy meals

Personal Profile

Natalie works from 5 am to 5 pm every day at her factory job. She has three children ages 3, 5, and 7, whom she picks 

up from their after-school program and prepares their dinner after her work day as her husband works the night shift at

the hospital. 

She used to enjoy cooking dinner before she had kids but life is now busier and finds herself having to cobble together a meal out of what is available in the freezer. She does not plan the meals ahead and always goes back to the same old unhealthy foods. 

She recently had a health scare with her diabetes and now wishes to introduce a variety of healthy foods. However, she doesn’t have time to shop for healthy items to cook at home, prepping healthy dinners takes longer than she wishes, and would rather use that time helping her children with homework and playing with them. 

Overall, she is interested in anything that would help her spend more time with her children in the evening, serve dinner, do homework, and still have fun playing with the children before bedtime.

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Screen Shots

Navigating the Website


The success story of OrgaNicks Food Truck is a testament to the power of a strong online presence. Since the launch of their website and mobile app, OrgaNicks has seen a remarkable 110% increase in their visibility and sales. Not only that, but their online presence has also helped them build trust and credibility with their customers. By providing an easy and effective way to communicate with their customers, OrgaNicks has been able to better understand their needs and cater to them. The new preordering feature on their mobile app has also been a hit with customers, as it has significantly shortened the service time and provided a more convenient experience. Overall, OrgaNicks Food Truck's online presence has been a game-changer for their business, and serves as a great example for others looking to boost their visibility and sales.

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