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DocKonnect Mobile App

Brief of Time

We aim to simplify and expedite communication between patients and their doctor's office, saving them the hassle of standing in queues for prescription refills or scheduling appointments over the phone. The DocKonnect App is exclusively designed for Zero Family Practice patients. The end objective of the practice is to gradually reduce the time spent by their receptionist/secretary in handling incoming calls, freeing up their time to attend to other responsibilities.

Paper Prototypes

User Flow / Screen Shots

In-person / Online User Testing

Navigating the App


DocKonnect App is a beneficial tool for both the doctors and patients. Since Zero Family Practice has introduced DocKonnect, patients have been able to make appointments in much less time, which has made them happy. Furthermore, patients can refill their prescriptions by requesting it through the app or by choosing the auto-refill option. In case of any queries, users can directly message their doctors on the DocKonnect App without making a call. The receptionist at the practice has also benefited significantly by not having to spend too much time answering incoming calls and can now focus on other office duties.

Allows Patients to easily connect with their doctors office

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